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How Centralized Crypto Exchanges Work

When Bitcoin (BTC) was launched back in 2009 as the first cryptocurrency on the market, it was quite hard to engage in crypto trading. There weren’t any exchange platforms like nowadays…

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These articles will explain the basics.

Cryptocurrency Wallets: Hot vs Cold Storage

Take a detailed look at the various types of crypto wallets and find out how they keep crypto beyond the reach of hackers.

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Stablecoins: How they Work and Why are they Important?

There’s a whole class of cryptocurrencies, called stablecoins which are immune to volatility because they are tied to the value of a certain…

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Crypto and Taxes: The Basics

Let’s take a look at how crypto and taxes work, what are taxable cryptocurrency events and how to file your taxes.

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Bitcoin Transactions 101

Millions of US dollars worth of Bitcoin (BTC) changes blockchain locations on a daily basis. The blockchain technology behind BTC is what enables this virtual…

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The Story Behind Web 3.0

Let’s take a detailed look at the evolutionary path from Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, all the way to the newest iteration of internet-based platforms and services.

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Stock Market vs Crypto 101

Let’s take a look at how crypto and taxes work, what are taxable cryptocurrency events and how to file your taxes.

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With Web3, your assets are truly yours.

These articles help you make the most of them.
Solana: An Innovative Crypto That’s Taking Over the Market

Back in the early days of crypto, when Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) were the only power players on the market…

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Ripple takes on SEC

Ripple Is Making Mark Beyond XRP; Could Spur Regulatory Clarification from SEC

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Cardano: A Rapidly Developing Proof of Stake Crypto

The crypto market is quite crowded, with over 17,000 coins and more than 400 exchange platforms available for trading.

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The Most Popular ERC20 Tokens

Let’s take a look at ERC20 tokens and find out which are the most popular Ethereum tokens on the market.

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how is crypto priced
What Forms the Price of Cryptocurrencies?

There are numerous factors that contribute to the price of cryptocurrencies and learning to read these factors is of high importance for successful traders.

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A Plain English Explanation of Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency and crypto trading are still somewhat of a mystery to the vast majority of people.

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Exploring Web3 Applications

Zelcore is your gateway to Web3 Applications

Learn more about them here
Where to Buy NFTs?

Let’s take a look at how NFT marketplaces work and check out some of the most popular markets on the web.

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Web 3
What to Do with NFTs After Buying Them?

The NFT market is on a constant rise during the last few years and millions of crypto enthusiasts are looking for an opportunity to get hold of top quality, trending NFT assets.

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Is Your Digital Wallet Really DApp-Compatible?

If you’re committed to the privacy of decentralization, then you can’t sell yourself short: your digital wallet needs to be DeFi compatible.

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How DApps Let You Become Your Own Broker

DApps, at their core, are engineered to protect you. The lack of third-party supervision and regulation, though, is a security blanket that can be hard for some to shed.

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Your Open-Source App Store: What Exactly Are DApps?

Like all things blockchain and decentralization, the idea behind DApps is essentially to remove the middleman.

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How DeFi is Democratizing Lending

Among holders of popular cryptocurrencies, the trustworthiness of traditional banks gets a side-eye at best.

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Learn all about the Zelcore experience.

The Zelcore experience: from search to storing, managing and trading crypto and more.
New Year: New Zelcore User Experience Updates

Zelcore values its users above anything else, and this is why user feedback from Discord and social media is highly appreciated.

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Insights into the Unmatched Power of FTX and Zelcore Partnership

FTX, one of the leading crypto exchanges, has partnered with Zelcore, the leading digital asset platform, in a move that will enable people to trade without limits.

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Zelcore’s Future In Stablecoins

Judging by the fact that the lack of “Bitcoin” in the title got your attention, then there’s no need to explain what Bitcoin or some of the other cryptocurrencies are.

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Zelcore and Serum’s Integration — All You Need In One Place

DeFi just got simpler. Today Zelcore is thrilled to introduce the most sophisticated wallet integration to Serum’s advanced exchange.

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Zelcore is changing the Web3 experience.

Keep up with all the Zelcore news.
Zelcore Partners with FIO Protocol to Create a Better User Experience

The Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) is excited to announce its new partnership with Zelcore.

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FTX comes to Zelcore — FTX + Zelcore = Unmatched Trading Power

FTX integration is coming to Zelcore. With the integration of this tier-one exchange in Zelcore, traders will get one step closer to crypto trading Nirvana.

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Zelcoring Life: Solana Now Better

The world of blockchain is expanding rapidly, and there are always new improvements being made to facilitate the use of the platform and make trading cryptocurrency simpler.

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Now You Can: Kadena and Zelcore

Zelcore is a multi-asset digital wallet where you can store all your assets, such as cryptocurrency.

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