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About ZelCore

Multi-Asset Encrypted Wallet

ZelCore keeps your assets safe. With support for 50+ coins including Zelcash (ZEL), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Zcash (ZEC), Tether (USDT) and many more.

Support for Multiple Accounts

Our login system allows you to have multiple encrypted wallets and accounts on the same computer and to login on multiple devices while still maintaining privacy as we don't store any user information. Privacy is something we at Zel strongly believe in.

Light Node or Full Node. The Choice is Yours.

ZelCore gives you the power to choose if you want speed or advanced features. All wallets are available as light nodes, with the option to download the Full Node should you required the advanced features like shielded addresses, recovering existing wallets, and much more.

Built-in Exchanges

ZelCore users can utilise built-in ShapeShift, Changelly and Kyber exchanges. Swap cryptocurrencies directly inside the ZelCore platform on both Desktop and Mobile.

Process for updating to ZelCore from ZelTreZ (previous ZelTreZ users, not new users)

1) Open ZelTreZ, you will be prompted to download the update
2) Download the update and close ZelTreZ
3) Install the update
4) Open ZelCore
5) Click OK to uninstall ZelTreZ

Thats it! You are officially migrated to ZelCore Desktop!

ZelCore v1.1.3a has following SHA256 hashes

All ZelCore releases are signed by Zel Technologies GmbH. Furthermore we provide calculated SHA256 hashes of our releases

* zelcore.dmg
* zelcore.exe
* zelcore-portable.exe
* zelcore.AppImage & zelcore4x.AppImage
* zelcore.deb & zelcore4x.deb
* zelcore3x.AppImage
* zelcore3x.deb

GPG Fingerprint: 4F7F EBBF 1BDD D239 7DAB E2CF 4B69 CA27 A986 265D

Always check hashes and certificates prior running software.

Release Notes

1.1.3 Release Notes


Version 1.1.3a Sapling


  • Following stable coins added: Paxos Standard, USD Coin, Gemini Dollar.
  • Sapling is now supported in both light and full mode.
  • Reworked backend of full node binaries installation.
  • Following full node binaries updated: Zcash, Hush, Ravencoin.
  • ShapeShift is temporarily disabled due to their KYC requirements.


  • Cosmetic fixes.
  • Fixes stuck at verification while installing a full node coin
  • v1.1.3a fixes full node installation bug especially on macOS introduce in v1.1.3 and freeze issue when dealing with enormously large transactions.

1.1.2 Release Notes


Version 1.1.2 Hodler


  • Adds a start-up splash screen.


  • Fixes Doughnut flickering.
  • Fixes white screen at start.

1.1.1 Release Notes


Version 1.1.1 Zel ID


  • Zel ID zel: protocol allows easy authentication on websites and much more.
  • Zel ID Message signing allows proving of particular zel identity.
  • Zel ID d2FA is decentralised two factor authentication system making ZelCore the safest platform utilizing blockchain for securing accounts.
  • Zel ID Easy Login allows simple loggining into your account with just a passphrase.
  • Dash is now available in both lite and full node.
  • Many fullnodes binaries updated: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Horizen, Bitcoin Gold, Komodo, Snowgem, Bitcore, Ravencoin, Anon.
  • New interactive doughnut chart.
  • A few asset names, asset logos corrected.
  • Smart Portfolio button lets you easily add or hide assets depending on assets balance.
  • Button for rolling back to default background or avatar added.


  • Back Button in full node was not working properly giving false errors of daemon still running even though all actions have been successfully completed.
  • If non zero balance asset was hidden, it still remained in the doughnut until account was reloged.

1.1.0 Release Notes


Version 1.1.0 ZelCore has arrived


  • Rebrand to ZelCore.
  • New icons.
  • Upgraded backend.
  • Custom QR generation in receiving tab.
  • Allowing right click pasting in lite mode.
  • Reworked input on sending page, displaying address instead of contact name.
  • Transaction fees are now hidden by default. You can include them in the amount by clicking on confirmation column.
  • Spaces are now automatically removed from addresses.
  • Fiat currencies and WIF private keys can be filtered.


  • ShapeShift ToS link updated.

1.0.11 Release Notes


Version 1.0.11 ZelTreZ SALT


  • ZelCore is coming!


  • Fixes a bug when some ethereum tokens were occasionally impossible to send.

1.0.10 Release Notes


Version 1.0.10 ZelTreZ More?


  • Following coins added: ANON.
  • Zero binaries have been updated in order to support upcoming fork.
  • Fiat rates backend site improvements.
  • Errors are now saved to local log.log file.

1.0.9 Release Notes


Version 1.0.9 ZelTreZ More?


  • Following ERC20 Tokens added: ArcBlock (ARC), AirSwap (AST), CoinFi (COFI), Dent (DENT), Po.Et (POE), Raiden (RDN), Request (REQ), Storm (STORM), TrueUSD (TUSD), Sirin (SRN), Polymath (POLY), ETHLend (LEND), Power Ledger (POWR.)
  • Improved information on the ZClassic fork, ANON and how users can claim their ANON.

1.0.8 Release Notes


Version 1.0.8. ZelTreZ Hero to Hero!


  • Following coins added: Zero (ZER), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), ZClassic (ZCL).
  • Following ERC20 Tokens added: Kin (KIN), FunFair (FUN), Wings (WINGS), SALT (SALT), Status (SNT), MCO (MCO), Status (SNT), Decentraland (MANA), IOST (IOST), Storj (STORJ), AELF (ELF), DAI (DAI), Bancor (BNT), Aion (AION), Aeternity (AE), KuCoin Shares (KCS).
  • Rates have been reworked to make less requests and peform better.
  • Litecoin now support SegWit addresses and fees have been optimised due to it's network requirements.
  • New Ravencoin fullnode binaries 2.0.4.
  • Auto logout added by default for new accounts and by default is set at 15 mins. It can be enabled by existing accounts in settings.
  • Improved coin management. Users can now add multiple assets at once and we have reorganised coins and ERC20 tokens separately and added a search bar.

1.0.7 Release Notes


Version 1.0.7. ZelTreZ grows!


  • Following coins added: Thether (USDT), Bitcoin Private (BTCP), Kyber (KNC), Enigma (ENG), TenX (PAY), Substratum (SUB).
  • A confirmation dialog is now showing when clicking full node button to prevent accidental clicks.
  • Payment notes are now accessible in light mode in all coins except ethereum and tokens. You can receive and send coins with a short note attached to a transaction.
  • Kyber - decentralized exchange for ethereum and its tokens added.
  • New Ravencoin fullnode binaries in order to support upcoming hardfork.


  • Sometimes it was possible that Zcoin showed wrong balance as some coins are staying in both states - confirmed and unconfirmed. User will now see only balance that is fully onfirmed by the network.
  • When having a lot of activated ethereum tokens, the initial proccess of obtaining transactions was failing for a few tokens.
  • Changelly status after a shift was not working properly.
  • When firstly installing a full node coin a stuck at verification of the files may occured.

1.0.6 Release Notes


Version 1.0.6. ZelTreZ grows!


  • Changelly exchange is now available.
  • Following coins added: Stox, Civic, Zcoin, Komodo, Zen, Safecoin and Snowgem.
  • Reindex option added to full node.
  • New Zcash 1.1.2 full node binaries.


  • Zcash private transaction in full node on windows were not working correcetly.

1.0.5 Release Notes


Version 1.0.5. ZelTreZ welcomes ShapeShift exchange and BitcoinGold!


  • ShapeShift exchange is now available.
  • BitcoinGold added.
  • Version and installation details are now shown in help section.


  • BAT colour fixed.

1.0.4 Release Notes


Version 1.0.4. ZelTreZ is faster than ever!


  • ZelCash has new binaries, now Algoswap ready.
  • Following ERC20 tokens added: 0x, OmiseGo, BAT, Zilliqa, Golem.
  • User now has the option to hide and add coins to their Portfolio as well as fully sort the coins order. Only coins showing in Portfolio are being synchronised.
  • Performance improvements.


  • Currently there are no bugs that we know of.

1.0.3 Release Notes


Version 1.0.3. ZelTreZ welcomes Bitcore (BTX)!


  • Bitcore (BTX) added.
  • Ethereum and Binance now utilises smart fees according to current network state.
  • Maximum button added. Upon clicking calculates maximum amount possible to send.


  • Sometimes Ethereum and Binance transaction were not showing success nor error message after creating a transaction.

1.0.2 Release Notes


Version 1.0.2. ZelTreZ welcomes Binance Coin (BNB) and brings full support for Zcash Overwinter transactions.


  • Binance Coin (BNB) added.
  • Ethereum now shows Contracts (eg. BNB token transfer).
  • To make it consistent with other coins, Ethereum amount sent in transaction table now shows amount as a sum of actual amount and a transaction fee (previously only amount).


  • Zcash transactions in light wallet are now also comaptible with Overwinter.
  • In some cases when a light transaction was rejected by the network an error message was not displayed properly.
  • Sometimes transaction table was not formatted properly.

1.0.1 Release notes


Version 1.0.1 provides new BitcoinZ daemon in order to stay on chain as of fork due to mining algorithm to Zhash. This update is mandatory for BitcoinZ full node users. During testing we have exporienced that local blockchain data might have to be deleted and ZelTreZ can not fixed that automatically. If you experience issues with BitcoinZ in full node mode, please check BitcoinZ debug.log file to indentify the error. This version also brings support to dump wallet for non privacy coins.


  • Added option to dump wallet for non privacy (zcash forks) coins.
  • Added option to select BTC as fiat currency.


  • Fixed hard QR code scanning.
  • Fixed typos.
  • Fixed ethereum server error.

Release Notes

1.1.3 Release Notes


Version 1.1.3 Sapling


  • Following stable coins added: Paxos Standard, USD Coin, Gemini Dollar.
  • Zcash Sapling support.
  • ShapeShift is temporarily unavailable due to their KYC and ToS changes.


  • Cosmetic changes.

1.1.2 Release Notes


Version 1.1.2 Hodler


  • Adds a start-up splash screen.


  • Fixes Doughnut flickering.
  • Fixes "Unable to obtain nonce" issues.
  • Fixes white screen at start.

1.1.1 Release Notes


Version 1.1.1 Zel ID


  • Zel ID Message signing allows proving of particular zel identity.
  • Zel ID d2FA is decentralised two factor authentication system making ZelCore the safiest platform utilizing blockchain for securing accounts.
  • Zel ID Easy Login allows simple loggining into your account with just a passphrase or Biometrics (fingerprint, face recognition).
  • Dash is now available.
  • New interactive doughnut chart.
  • A few asset names, asset logos corrected.
  • Smart Portfolio button lets you easily add or hide assets depending on assets balance.
  • Button for rolling back to default background or avatar added.
  • Alphabetical order in adding, hiding and searching assets.
  • Fees are now hidden by default with an option to include them by tapping on confirmation column.
  • Easy filtering through Private Keys and fiat currencies
  • Various UI corrections.


  • If non zero balance asset was hidden, it still remained in the doughnut until account was reloged.
  • Changing buy/sell coin on exchanges was not possible once selected.
  • ToS links were not opening properly.

1.1.0 Release Notes


Version 1.1.0


  • ZelCore is here! For Android and iOS

1.0 Release Notes


Version 1.0 Beta Testers

Privacy Policy


We are in no possession of any user information.


May 2018

ZelTreZ v1 Release

Q4 2018

ZelCore Mobile
ZelCore Web

Q1-Q2 2019


Q2-Q3 2019



Which coins are supported in ZelCore?

As of version 1.1.3, we support:

ZelCash (ZEL)

Bitcoin (BTC)

Litecoin (LTC)

Ethereum (ETH)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

ZCash (ZEC)

BitcoinZ (BTCZ)

Ravencoin (RVN)

Bitcore (BTX)

Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

SnowGem (XSG)


Safecoin (SAFE)

Komodo (KMD)

ZCoin (XZC)

Bitcoin Private (BTCP)

Tether (USDT)

Zero (ZER)

ZClassic (ZCL)


Hush (HUSH)

Binance (BNB)

0x (ZRX)

Omisego (OMG)

Zilliqa (ZIL)

Golem (GNT)

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Civic (CVC)

Stox (STX)

Kyber (KNC)

Enigma (ENG)

TenX (PAY)

KuCoin Shares (KCS)

Sonm (SONM)

AdEx (ADX)

aelf (ELF)

Aeternity (AE)


AirSwap (AST)


ArcBlock (ABT)

Bancor Token (BNT)

Bigbom (BBO)

Bluzelle (BLZ)

Chainlink (LINK)

CoinFi (COFI)


Decentraland (MANA)



FunFair (FUN)



Maker (MKR)


Po.Et (POE)

Polymath (POLY)

Power Ledger (POWR)

Raiden Network Token(RDN)

Request Network (REQ)


Sirin (SRN)

Status (SNT)

Storj (STORJ)

Storm (STORM)



Dash (DASH)


Paxos Standard (PAX)

Gemini Dollar (GUSD)

What is the Portfolio tab?

Portfolio hosts all the coins/tokens suported by ZelCore. To us a coin simply, click on its icon to bring you to the coins action page.

I see contacts after I click a coin, what are these?

These are your saved addresses. For example an exchange address. For coins with zk-SNARKS, you can have both Z-Addr (Shielded) or T-Addr (Transparent) saved in your contacts.

What is a Shielded Address?

A Shielded Address provides anonymous/private transactions using zk-SNARKS. All transactions send/received via that address will not be visible on an Explorer.

What are Full Nodes?

When you opt to run a full node wallet, ZelCore will download a full copy of the selected coins (blockchain and all). This is only recommened for those that want to use private, Z-addresses, as using full node will use up extra system resources (CPU and Storage.)

Do I need to run Full Nodes on each and every coin?

Only if you need to activate advanced feature such as importing your existing Private Key or to re-scan blockchains to import your previous (existing) wallet from another wallet apps.

Why does downloading 'proving keys' take so long?

Dependent on your internet connection, it could take some time for slow internet access.

I have the following error: sprout-proofing key failed to download, how do I fix it?

It will auto-download when you close and re-open ZelCore.

What are Peers, Height and Headers?

Peers displays how many peer-to-peer connections you have made with other fullnodes for the coin you have fullnode activated on.

Height is the blocks within the blockchain you are syncing. When it 100% synced, you should have see the most recent block height numbers as per your coins explorer.

Headers is the recent block height; when the wallet is 100% sync, you should see Height number equal to the Header numbers.

How many number of Peers are considered good/okay?

In general, you would see at minimum 2 up to 7 peers. Anything more than 5 peers is considered okay.

When activing fullnode, the wallet synced percentage (%) is climbing quite slow?

The blockchains downloaded from the coins P2P network of fullnode wallets. More fullnodes = more P2P ports to the internet = better download speed. In Zelcash's case, when ZelNodes are released in Q3 - Q4 2018, we can expect faster sync speeds.

How can I change the base currency from USD to BTC or other currency?

Click your profile and then select your base currency, from the drop down menu.

How can I add a picture to my profile?

Click your profile to add or change your profile picture.

How can I see my ZelCore private key, encryption key or WIF keys for activated coins?

Click your profile to view your private keys.

How can I create multiple accounts?

You can create new account on the launch page just before you login.

How to import my previous wallets?

You need to activate Full Node for the coin you wish to import, and then select Tools > Import My Private Key and/or Re-Scan Blockchains.

What does rescan blockchain means?

It allows ZelCore to sweep the blockchains to scan for available funds under all addresses within your private key.

What is private key?

A key to access your funds. If you lose it, you practically lost access to your fund. Treat your private key like the keys to your house, look after it and make sure you have a spare copy, stored somewhere safe.

What is encryted key?

TLDR: It's the key ZelCore uses to encrypt your wallets.

When you create an account using your nickname and password, ZelCore takes this password and create a salted hash from it.

ZelCore then adds your nickname to that and creates another salted hash from that value. This value (SHA256 hash) is the encryption key.

The encryption key is used to encrypt both contacts.json and wallet.dat files with AES-256-CTR algorithm.

When a user selects a coin in fullnode for the first time, ZelCore accesses the coins default path and reads its wallet.dat file. If the wallet.dat files exist and has not been used ZelCore creates a back up called (wallet.datBACKUPNICKNAME) file and uses it to accesses the addresses inside of the wallet.dat.

When you close ZelCore Fullnode it shuts down the coins daemon, and other fullnode processes. ZelCore then takes this wallet.dat and encrypt it with the encryption key and then gives the output of wallet.datNICKNAME. This allows multiple users to use the same PC.

How can I find the private key of either a Transparent or Shielded Address?

Go to Contacts and find Private Key link for each address.

How many MB of disk space is required to run ZelCore?

Initial setup requires less then 100 MB.

How may GB of disk space required to run ZelCore with all coins enabled?

Roughly 60 MB provided no fullnodes activated. It varies per coin, but it recommended not to download fullnode for coins other then those you require Z-addresses for. Zelcash fullnode requires about 700 MB at the moment. Zcash fullnode requires around 2GB at the moment. Bitcoin fullnodes could expected up to 300 GB. So it varies from coin to coin.

How to secure (encrypt/backup) my wallets?

The wallet is encrypted and backed up by default. The only state when the wallet is unencrypted is when you are logged on to the wallet. So it's adviseable to quit/exit ZelCore when you are not using it to allow ZelCore to encrypt and back-itself-up.

How can I use the exchange feature?

Currently ZelDex is not available on ZelCore. ZelDex is under development and will be available sometime in Q4 of 2018 - Q1 of 2019. It will be an easy and simple decentralized exchange, which will be available on ZelCore and a web interface.

I forgot my username/password. How can I recover them?

ZelCore does not keep a copy of unencrypted password locally nor remotely. Due to this feature, there's no way to retrieve the password nor to change it. When you lose (or forget) either username or password, you will lose access to your wallet PERMANENTLY. Thus it is IMPORTANT and IMPERATIVE that you keep a copy of your information somewhere safe.

What is the Apps tab?

This section is slated to be a decentralized application (dApps) store and sandbox in a future ZelCore release. Keep an eye on this section.

I still can't find an answer I'm looking for, help!

We are happy to help. You can reach us on Discord, Twitter, Reddit, or email.

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