Manage. Trade. Truly Own.

Store any asset in one consolidated wallet. Get the best of the centralized exchange experience in one decentralized platform. Zelcore empowers you with the keys to your Web3 journey.

Store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and more together. One wallet. One sign-in.

Buy crypto with ease. Let Zelcore guide you through 1,000+ trading options.

Access your assets and information – on your terms. No permission needed.


A Wallet of Wallets

Simplify your Web3 life by eliminating the burden of managing one wallet app or browser extension for each coin or token. Store it all in Zelcore with complete control.

Simple & Seamless Trading

Step-by-step, Zelcore helps you buy crypto through a bank transfer, credit card or Apple Pay purchase. Then trade that asset across the most set of centralized and decentralized exchanges, and quick swaps to get the best price possible.

Peace of Mind

You get your own Zel ID with a familiar login experience. Zelcore gives you an extra layer of security with decentralized 2-factor authentication (d2FA) that is stored on the blockchain giving you access to your account anywhere rather than through a central authority. Login credentials are only stored on and never leave your device.

Unlock Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Only Zelcore provides the ability to swap assets across multiple blockchains in the fewest steps and at the lowest cost possible. Zelcore breaks the Web3 barriers to allow you to benefit from DeFi without limitations.

The Most Choices

Most wallets limit you to one or two exchanges to allow them to maximize THEIR profit. This severely limits your options. Zelcore offers unlimited choices to let YOU decide when, where and how you trade your crypto to maximize YOUR profit.