Is Your Digital Wallet Really DApp-Compatible?

September 17, 2021
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If you’re committed to the privacy of decentralization, then you can’t sell yourself short: your digital wallet needs to be DeFi compatible. Third-party custodians highly regulate where you store your assets, canceling out the level of ownership and control over the assets you’ve sought to achieve. Look at it from this perspective, you can’t talk about privacy and freedom and yet have your investments and assets controlled by a third party.

For example, if you have an asset that is supposed to be regulation-free and entirely yours, why would you want to store it in a place where it’s subject to regulations, lockups, and external control? You wouldn’t — yet it’s a common occurrence, usually in the name of convenience. Decentralized wallets ensure that you have complete control over your assets.

Now, though, the expanding DeFi landscape is presenting us with a host of easily accessible storage and management tools we previously could only dream of. With consolidated insights across multiple decentralized exchanges, AI-directed trading features (hello Eve), and interfaces just as easy as the leading investment apps, DeFi is taking a huge step forward toward accessibility — which of course means real financial freedom from a user-friendly platform.

Zelcore is actually your trading superpower. As a mobile platform, it relies on a blockchain which ensures access to your wallet is not only easy but secure. When you’re dealing with your assets, ensuring your wallet is secure is of the utmost importance.

By linking your accounts to a single app interface, you can track your portfolios and currencies individually, access multiple exchanges, and make simple, multi-currency trades all within Zelcore.

In order to pursue more of the decentralized universe — including everything DApps: trading, gambling, and even gaming — a non-custodial DeFi-friendly wallet is a no-brainer. That’s why Zelcore’s newest release has such robust DeFi functionality, with an interface that’s dead-simple to use. Aiming to increase your own control and ownership over your assets, or even looking to add another layer of decentralization to your DeFi strategy? Try Zelcore’s all-in-one wallet solution for free at and get ahead of the curve as decentralization starts to explode.