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Where Secure Self Custody Just Makes Sense

If you’re looking for a safer, smarter way to manage your crypto, you’re in the right place.
Crypto doesn’t have to be complicated

It should be easy to buy, swap, and store crypto all on a single platform, without having to worry about hackers or scammers interrupting the party. 

That’s why Zelcore gives you all the tools you need to manage your entire digital platform in a single, secure, user-friendly interface. No sketchy exchanges. No scams. Less risk.

Choose security and self custody
Download Zelcore DesktopWindows / macOS / Linux
One Wallet for All of Your Assets

Stop switching between multiple wallets and visiting risky exchanges. Simplify and streamline your journey through crypto by doing it all on Zelcore. Really.

Store, view, and access crypto and other digital assets like NFTs in a multi-asset wallet that supports over 60 blockchains and 1 Million+ cryptocurrencies.

Scratch the Surface with these Zelcore Features
  • Simple, user-friendly UI
  • Fiat-to-crypto purchasing
  • Fast, easy swapping
  • Completely private keys
  • Added security of d2FA
  • Hardware wallet view support
  • NFT view support
  • Always-on encryption
  • Web3 connections
  • WalletConnect v2
Download Zelcore DesktopWindows / macOS / Linux
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