New Year: New Zelcore User Experience Updates

January 5, 2022
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Zelcore values its users above anything else, and this is why user feedback from Discord and social media is highly appreciated. The developer team behind Zelcore constantly works on improving all aspects of this state of the art multi-currency crypto wallet app, in order to provide users with a smoother, safer, and more practical user experience.

In order to show appreciation for user feedback, Zelcore has started the New Year with new user experience updates that will provide users with an additional security layer that builds on top of the already existing safety measures, along with a few useful changes on the Login and Register pages.

This Is What’s New

  • Improved keylogger-proof D2FA protocol.
  • Updated Account Registration Process.
  • Updated Account Login Process.

D2FA Updates

Wallet security is of the utmost importance for crypto holders, especially in the era of massive cyberattacks that target crypto exchanges, wallets, and whole blockchains. This is why users need to choose crypto wallets that offer multiple layers of security, in order to keep their crypto coins and tokens safe at all times.

Keylogger viruses are a big threat to crypto wallet security because these programs are built to track the entered keys on PC or smartphone keyboards. This way a cyber attacker may steal user credentials without much effort and compromise all the crypto assets in a user’s wallet.

In order to ensure Zelcore users are safe from such cyber attacks, the developer team has introduced a smart update of the decentralized two-factor authentication (D2FA) protocol of the Zelcore wallet. The team has introduced a virtual Numpad keyboard on Zel ID D2FA PIN code pages, that randomly changes the location of the displayed digits each time a user needs to enter their PIN code. Users can enter their codes by selecting the appropriate numbers with a computer mouse, or with their fingers on a smartphone. This measure renders any keylogger software useless because users don’t need to use the keyboard of their computer or mobile device to enter their PIN code anymore.

Users are prompted to enter their PIN code every time they enter the Zelcore app and of course each time they need to approve a transaction. This makes sure no one can remotely enter a user’s Zelcore wallet and just start approving transactions without their knowledge, because they simply can’t get their hands on the PIN code through a keylogger virus.

Account Registration Updates

When deciding whether to create a user account on a new wallet app, crypto enthusiasts usually want to get as much upfront information about the app as possible. That’s why the Zelcore team has added a more detailed description on the app’s Registration page about how user credentials are treated by the app.

Users are now informed that their account information is never sent to any server or other third-party. All user credentials remain safely stored on the user’s device and they are encrypted at all times. In case a user wants to log into their Zelcore wallet from a different device, they need to register their account on their new device, with the same username and password.

Additionally, once a user enters their username and password during the registration process, they are now asked by the app if they have backed up their username and password before proceeding with account creation. This measure has been introduced to kindly remind users to securely store a backup copy of their user credentials.

Account Login Updates

It’s quite common for users to accidentally misspell their username when logging into their wallet account. Before this update, Zelcore users who entered a wrong username would automatically be taken to a page that informs them that there’s no such username and that they need to register their account.

This might be confusing for some users and that’s why the Zelcore team has updated the app to display a page titled Account not present on device when the wrong username is entered. The page provides detailed information on how to proceed, informing users that they should double-check if their username is typed correctly in case they have a Zelcore account registered on the device.

Zelcore Strives Towards Constant UX Improvements

Zelcore is strongly dedicated to the constant improvement of user experience for crypto enthusiasts, traders, and crypto newcomers that are using the Zelcore wallet to store, manage and expand their cryptocurrency portfolio.

Listening to the community and valuing user feedback across different social media platforms is immensely important for Zelcore because it’s the users who can contribute the most to the improvement of the app by freely sharing their user experience with the developers.

These UX updates are just a small New Year contribution of the Zelcore team to the improvement of Zelcore user experience and more is surely going to follow during 2022.