Zelcore and Serum’s Integration —All You Need In One Place

June 8, 2021
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DeFi just got simpler. Today Zelcore is thrilled to introduce the most sophisticated wallet integration to Serum’s advanced exchange. This combination of technology, speed, and versatility will dramatically simplify the DeFi experience for millions of crypto investors. Transactions on Serum through Zelcore’s new platform will be as effortless as those that currently take place on centralized exchanges — a significant upgrade for anyone familiar with the navigational challenges often associated with decentralized platforms.

Serum DEX brings versatility, speed, and sub-penny fees to the decentralized market. Zelcore’s interface makes it incredibly simple to use. Independently, these are significant steps forward for a young industry. Together they’re the catapult DeFi needs to bring cryptocurrency’s true promise to life.


  • One account. All your devices. Zelcore is the first DESKTOP and MOBILE noncustodial wallet platform for Solana and will be available for use with Serum on June 8, 2021
  • Zelcore’s Unified DEX UI will consolidate all markets and services into one application. Manage, control, and grow your wealth from one view rather than numerous tabs on a web browser.
  • Singular view of all open orders and unsettled funds
  • Available on Day One in 17 spoken languages
  • APK available for download
  • #simpliFi with Zelcore

What is the Serum DEX?

Serum DEX is a permissionless decentralized exchange that runs on the Solana blockchain. Since Solana has sub-second block times and the typical transaction fee is about 1/1000th of a USD penny, Solana allows Serum to have completely on-chain order books. This removes the need for Automated Market Makers (AMM’s) that DEXs like Uniswap use which creates a centralized, single point of failure possibility.

These on-chain order books are called “Central Limit Order Books” (CLOBs). They are entirely limit-order-based, which is different from what most retail traders are likely used to. The simplest and most common order is to just place market orders at current spot prices; limit orders allow the seller/buyer to select the price a trade is filled at. Having on-chain order books also means there is a single market for a given trading pair instead of multiple markets existing at each exchange which can increase volatility and the number of markets to make (or manipulate).

How does Zelcore make it better?

Serum’s brilliance is prime for mass adoption. Zelcore’s interface makes it easier than ever to connect a wallet automatically, explore cross-market assets, keep track of your entire portfolio and trading activity, and quickly act when the time is right.

Zelcore already has what we call a “unified DEX UI”: a framework with a consistent interface that aggregates centralized and decentralized exchange order books into a single user experience so they do not need to learn multiple layouts. Simply put, Zelcore delivers all the options, all the services, all you need in one place. We took this UI and added support for Serum, thus giving you all the power Serum DEX can offer while delivering a simpliFied layout that delivers all you need for your Serum trade in one place.

How can I give it a shot?

While other dapp platforms offer copies of the Serum DEX UI, Zelcore’s new platform delivers everything Binance and Coinbase customers are used to; a first for decentralized commerce. Instead of running around to check different markets individually, keep track of each open order, and having to connect and reconnect your wallet several times here’s what you can do:

  1. Create or log into your account;
  2. Add the Solana assets you want;
  3. Select the “Exchange” button on the left toolbar;
  4. Choose the Serum DEX button to launch our DEX UI;
  5. Your chosen Solana wallet will be connected automatically;
  6. Choose your trading pair;
  7. See TradingView charts, order books, order history, and all market data in a single UI;
  8. Select the “Portfolio” button on the left toolbar and see all your open/closed orders and unsettled funds for EVERY market in a single view;

Welcome to your DeFi experience now SimpliFied! Check below for how your crypto life will look like from now on.

Similarities to other DEX UIs

  • Tokens requiring wrapping for Serum trades is done automatically;
  • Zelcore connects to the same order books like everybody else (this is how Serum works) which means there’s no need for arbitrage or finding the best rates across all markets;
  • Zelcore uses the standard connection method for linking a wallet to a dapp (SOL Wallet Adapter), though we built out the ability to connect multiple dapps/wallets with a single browser tab instead of a new tab for each connection (also much more mobile-friendly).

Advantages over other DEX UIs

  • Zelcore built our own OHLCV API for TradingView with historical trades & pricing data of all markets straight from the Solana blockchain;
  • Zelcore continuously checks all markets for funds that need to be “settled” and displays this to the user. Other solutions only show you unsettled funds for one market (e.g. if a trade goes through on a trading pair and the user navigates away from that pair, they have to remember to go back to that pair to check and settle, else coin is not in their addresses);
  • Users can select a specific base pair (e.g. USDC, USDT, SOL, etc.) and see all tokens that trade against that pair to help navigate the immense number of total markets;
  • No need to connect your various wallets to the DEXes across multiple websites. All your wallets in Zelcore are connected to the Serum order books with a click/tap

Why you should download Zelcore right now

Let’s be honest, all your current options are web-based or mobile-only, and require a seemingly infinite number of browser tabs open at the same time for any given transaction you plan to do. Now imagine trying to execute that on a mobile device. That’s the true representation of a brain freeze.

You know us, we take DeFi and we simpliFi. Zelcore is natively mobile, not only do we deliver everything to you in one view on your computer, and now we deliver all that in a single user-friendly mobile app. Don’t miss out on upgrading your crypto game right now, go to https://zelcore.io/ and take control of your finances today.